5 Great Football Friendships

Teammates don’t necessarily have to be BFFs to win football matches but it definitely helps. Here are some of our favourite friendships: 1. Philippe Coutinho, Roberto Firmino, Lucas and Alberto Moreno – Liverpool When Coutinho scored that great free-kick against Crystal Palace, he ran straight to one of the substitutes – Alberto Moreno. Liverpool’s Brazilian trio love hanging out with Moreno. Fancy dress parties, music concerts, … Continue reading 5 Great Football Friendships

Classroom Starter – World Cup Doubles

Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Consequences’? Mixing lots of stories together can result in total hilarity and spark great imaginative ideas too. This classroom starter gives the classic game a fun, football flavour. And there is plenty of room for extra educational elements (see the ‘Even Better If’s below). World Cup Doubles (Play in Groups of 2-6) Fold 1: The Name of Player 1 Pass it … Continue reading Classroom Starter – World Cup Doubles

Football Heroes – It’s Not All About Scoring Goals

What do Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney, Raheem Sterling, Alexis Sanchez, Luis Suarez, Eden Hazard, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Sergio Agüero, Steven Gerrard, Paul Pogba, Andrés Iniesta and Ryan Giggs all have in common? Besides being HEROES, they are all attacking players. Yes, Bale started out as a left-back and Gerrard was a good tackler, but ultimately all 12 players in the Heroes Football series so far are … Continue reading Football Heroes – It’s Not All About Scoring Goals

St John’s, Angell Town School, Brixton (Football Beyond Borders)

January – March 2017 For the last few months, I’ve been working with Football Beyond Borders on a great project in Brixton called ‘My Heroes and Me’. Using our Heroes Football books, the kids have been learning all about Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Luis Suarez. This year, the big theme at St John’s, Angell Town School is teamwork, both on and off the … Continue reading St John’s, Angell Town School, Brixton (Football Beyond Borders)

Upminster Junior School

Thursday 16th March I’m delighted to be working with Upminster Junior as part of the excellent Patron of Reading scheme. It’s a brilliant school with a real passion for improving literacy levels and reading engagement. My first visit yesterday was (I hope!) a big success and after a full day of workshops, I left feeling impressed, exhausted and inspired to keep on writing. The dual … Continue reading Upminster Junior School

St Kevin’s Primary School, Bargeddie

Tuesday 7th March, 2017 I couldn’t leave Glasgow without a visit to Miss McFadyen’s P3 class (ages 6-7), especially after the brilliant letters that they wrote to me! Despite their excitement, the kids behaved brilliantly. They asked lots of great questions about reading, writing, publishing, editing and of course, football. After that, it was story time! The book they asked me to read from was … Continue reading St Kevin’s Primary School, Bargeddie

Our Lady and St Joseph’s Primary School, Glenboig

Friday 3rd and Monday 6th March, 2017 It was an absolute pleasure to visit Mr Wisdom’s P7 class (ages 11-12) for two days of Heroes Football fun. Our big themes for the week were teamwork and dialogue. After demonstrating the importance of dialogue and the punctuation rules, we asked the kids to write out conversations in pairs. Their aim was to use the many, many … Continue reading Our Lady and St Joseph’s Primary School, Glenboig