Our Top 5 Reading Resources for Football-Mad Kids

1. Premier League Reading Stars – Together with the National Literacy Trust, the Premier League has developed a range of curriculum-linked resources that link football to learning and literacy. While it’s primarily for teachers, you can also sign up as a pupil or a parent.


2. Tom Palmer – As well as history, rugby and the RAF, Tom Palmer has also written lots of great books about football. His ‘Football Academy’ books follow the fortunes of an Under-12s Premier League team, while in the ‘Foul Play’ series, Danny Harte solves football crimes. 


3. The School Run – This is a great resource for everything relating to your child’s learning but it happens to have a particularly great list of football titles, which they keep updated. 


4. Football School: Where Football Explains the World – This book by Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton explores traditional school subjects (history, geography, biology, maths etc.) through cartoons, humour and, most importantly, football. Perfect for readers aged 8 and over.

5. LoveReading4Kids – Another brilliant children’s website, showcasing books from all genres and for all age ranges. There are lots of features, lists and brilliant staff recommendations to explore.



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