St Kevin’s Primary School, Bargeddie

Tuesday 7th March, 2017

I couldn’t leave Glasgow without a visit to Miss McFadyen’s P3 class (ages 6-7), especially after the brilliant letters that they wrote to me!

St Kevin's - letters.jpg

Despite their excitement, the kids behaved brilliantly. They asked lots of great questions about reading, writing, publishing, editing and of course, football.

St Kevin's 1.jpg

After that, it was story time! The book they asked me to read from was Gareth Bale: The Boy Who Became a Galactico. I decided to read Chapters 1 and 2; the first about his arrival at Real Madrid, and the second about his first experiences of football back in Cardiff at the age of three. They seemed to enjoy it!

St Kevin's 4.jpg

Before I left St Kevin’s, I popped into the P6 and P7 classes for some more Q&As. Again, the kids were full of insightful questions, about inspiration, getting published, and which players I’d like to write about next.

St Kevin's 3.jpg

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