Upminster Junior School

Thursday 16th March

I’m delighted to be working with Upminster Junior as part of the excellent Patron of Reading scheme. It’s a brilliant school with a real passion for improving literacy levels and reading engagement. My first visit yesterday was (I hope!) a big success and after a full day of workshops, I left feeling impressed, exhausted and inspired to keep on writing.

Upminster 1

The dual focus for the day’s sessions was Setting and Emotion. After a few warm-up quizzes, we read about Gareth Bale’s first ever goal and talked about how we could use adjectives and adverbs to describe the scene better. Then, the boys got down to writing their own stories.

Upminster 3

Once they were finished, the boys read them out to the class, a valuable exercise in itself for building confidence. We listened to a range of brilliant tales full of adverbs, adjectives, similes, humour and flair.

Upminster 4

The groups were asked to give feedback on what was good about each piece and what could be improved. The behaviour was excellent throughout and the enthusiasm was fantastic to see. I’ll be returning to Upminster a few more times this year and I can’t wait for them to carry on the great work!

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