St John’s, Angell Town School, Brixton (Football Beyond Borders)

January – March 2017

For the last few months, I’ve been working with Football Beyond Borders on a great project in Brixton called ‘My Heroes and Me’. Using our Heroes Football books, the kids have been learning all about Gareth Bale, Wayne Rooney, Zlatan Ibrahimović and Luis Suarez. This year, the big theme at St John’s, Angell Town School is teamwork, both on and off the football pitch.


Each week, we read and then discussed a book chapter relating to four key topics: Bouncing Back, Making Friends, Adapting to New Experience and Achieving Dreams. Each group worked on a different hero and wrote about what they had learnt from them. Soon, this built up into player posters.

FBB Poster - Suarez.jpg

Once the posters were looking beautiful, it was time to prepare the presentations ahead of the school assembly. We talked about the best ways to make public speaking fun, informative and engaging. The kids listened carefully and did a great job when the big day arrived.

FBB 2.jpg

FBB 3.jpg

The reward for all their hard work? Copies of POGBOOM, of course. The kids were very pleased with their prizes, even if they didn’t want to show their faces!


I’ve had a great time working with St John’s, Angell Town School and Football Beyond Borders, and I hope we can collaborate again very soon.

To read more about Football Beyond Borders and their projects, click here

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