Classroom Starter – World Cup Doubles

Who doesn’t love a bit of ‘Consequences’? Mixing lots of stories together can result in total hilarity and spark great imaginative ideas too. This classroom starter gives the classic game a fun, football flavour. And there is plenty of room for extra educational elements (see the ‘Even Better If’s below).

World Cup Doubles (Play in Groups of 2-6)

Fold 1: The Name of Player 1

Pass it on!

Fold 2: The Name of Player 2

Pass it on!

Fold 3: Where? A description of the location.

Even Better If: Encourage kids to use adjectives to give lots of setting detail.

Pass it on!

Fold 4: What did Player 1 say to Player 2?

Even Better If: Get kids to perfect their dialogue punctuation and use creative alternatives to ‘said’.

Pass it on!

Fold 5: What did Player 2 say to Player 1?

Pass it on!

Fold 6: What did Player 1 do next? (This should end with a pass to Player 2 to promote teamwork)

Pass it on!

Fold 7: What did Player 2 do next?

Pass it on!

Fold 8: What was the consequence?

Even Better If: Encourage kids to use adjectives and adverbs to give lots of emotional detail about celebrations etc.

Pass it on!

Finale: Get the kids to read out their stories to the class.

If you try this in the classroom, do get in touch and let me know how it goes!

World Cup Doubles.jpg

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