West Felton Primary School, Oswestry

Wednesday 3rd May

Two weeks ago, I finally made my journey up to the England/Welsh border to visit West Felton Primary. I had been looking forward to it ever since their Year 5/6 teacher Helen Hughes sent me the brilliant letters that her pupils had written (see earlier post ‘Book Reviews!’).


After a warm welcome from staff and pupils, we got down to workshops: first Y3/4 and then Y5/6. The kids were bright and polite throughout, a real credit to their school.

West Felton 2.jpg

West Felton 3.jpg

Halfway through Workshop 2, a journalist from the local Oswestry newspaper arrived to take pictures. Fortunately, the kids didn’t let their new-found fame go to their heads, though. They produced lots of excellent ‘first goal/achievement’ stories, full of great adjectives and adverbs.

West Felton 4.jpgWest Felton 5.jpg

Before the long drive home, there was time for a quick Q&A and a really fun playground book signing. While waiting, the kids discussed the shape of the back of Paul Pogba’s head and invented a new ‘2017 Dab’. Ah, young minds!

Two days ago, I received a lovely batch of ‘Thank You’ letters in the post. Well thank you West Felton, I’ll see you again soon!

West Felton 6.jpg

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