St Michael’s Primary School, Reading

Wednesday 10th May

I love visiting great primary schools and St Michael’s is one of the best I’ve visited. From the moment I arrived – bleary-eyed after an early London train – I could tell that I was in a reading-friendly environment. My focus for the day was Years 3 and 4, an ideal audience for the Heroes Football series.

The kids were excited but well-behaved and they all engaged with the workshops, even if they weren’t that interested in football. I try to make my sessions as broad and universal as possible and so we had boys and girls writing about the first achievements of Katy Perry, Jessica Ennis and Simone Biles, as well as Ronaldo and Messi. And the writing was excellent!

After the lunch break, I was asked to do an assembly for the whole school about my reading and writing journey. It was a great idea and hopefully the kids took away some useful messages (Explore! Engage! Enjoy!) from my presentation. The questions at the end were thoughtful and entertaining. My favourite was, ‘Do you think you’ll keep writing until you die?’ Somehow, ‘hopefully’ felt like a very dark answer!

St Michael's 1

At the end of the day, I set up my table in the hall for a little book signing. I hadn’t brought that much stock with me on the train and I ended up selling out! It was really nice to chat with the kids and their parents, as they picked their favourite players/teams.

St Michael's 2

After a great day, I left St Michael’s with a very happy feeling, an empty book box and two fantastic letters (below). The curiosity, enthusiasm and ambition that they show are what makes this job so amazing.

St Michael's 3.jpg

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