Scottish High School Tour

Thursday 18 May – Paisley Grammar

Friday 19 May – Renfrew High

Monday 22 May – Gleniffer High

Tuesday 23 May – Castlehead High

Wednesday 23 May – Park Mains High & Linwood High

Thanks to Renfrew High’s amazing librarian Clare Hemsworth, my one-day Scottish visit turned into a full-blown Scottish tour! As my plane arrived at Glasgow Airport, I was excited but a little nervous. This was my first time working with secondary school kids. Would they be as enthusiastic as the primary school kids I usually work with?

Engagement, as always, is key. I designed a new, higher-level workshop that was more focused on curriculum needs. Scottish students submit a folio of work in S4 (aged 14-15) and apparently football is often at the heart of the writing in Renfrewshire. My aim for the week was to improve the kids’ writing. I focused on story structure and used the theme of sporting setbacks and the example of Gareth Bale’s growth-spurt. It seemed to go down pretty well! Photos below.

The first stop on my Scottish tour was Paisley Grammar School.

Paisley Grammar.JPG

Next, some photos from my great day at Renfrew High School.

Renfrew High 1.jpg

Renfrew High 3.jpg

Renfrew High 5.jpg

Two photos from a fun afternoon at Gleniffer High.

Gleniffer High 1

Gleniffer High 2

Photos from an awesome day at Castlehead High.

Castlehead High 1

Castlehead High 2

Castlehead High

And finally, the best bookcase at Linwood High!

Linwood High 1

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