Making Non-Fiction Fun at Woodside High!

Monday 5th June and Thursday 8th June

Last week, I took part in Writer’s Week at Woodside High School in North London. It’s a brilliant initiative, aimed at introducing the students to a range of writing styles and genres. My focus is Non-Fiction – Fun Non-Fiction to be precise!

Woodside High 2

I think non-fiction can sometimes be a difficult concept for children. While they (hopefully) associate fiction with imagination and stories, non-fiction is often associated with boring facts. I’m generalising and oversimplifying, of course, and things are certainly improving. But my point is that fiction and non-fiction don’t necessarily need to be as distinct and divided as they often are.

The Heroes Football series is all about bringing real life stories alive in a fun and interesting way. Amongst the facts and the landmark events, we try to include lots of elements more commonly found in fiction, such as setting, characters and dialogue. Non-fiction doesn’t need to be dry and dull; it can be fun!

Woodside High 3

At Woodside High, I asked the pupils to take fact-driven articles (see above) and make them more interesting for a younger audience. To do this, they added depth through description, dialogue and story structure. The pupils responded really well to the task and the results were brilliant. I might even steal some of their excellent ideas!

Woodside High

Woodside High 5

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