Palm Bay Primary School, Margate

Friday 9th June

After a few weeks of secondary school workshops, it was nice to return to my comfort zone a little. A great primary school is such a positive, welcoming place, with a really special learning environment. Palm Bay in Margate is a perfect example of that. It’s also got the best school view that I’ve come across so far.

Palm Bay 2

In the morning, I ran workshops with Years 3,  4 and then 2 (the Year 5s were away on a trip). The groups were large but there was plenty of space in the school hall and the pupils were very well-behaved. They had lots of answers to my questions, and lots of questions of their own too!

The ‘first goal’ stories were well-written and entertaining, with good structure and lots of adjectives. More photos to follow here!

Palm Bay 1

After lunch, it was time for the Year 6s and then a full-school assembly about my ‘Reading and Writing Journey’. The enthusiasm for stories was brilliant to see. I’ve never seen so many hands shoot up when I’ve asked, ‘Who here visits a library regularly?’

My final task of a wonderful day was selling and signing books. It’s always really nice to talk football with the kids and meet their parents and carers. Thanks to these lovely posters, I even had a queue!

Palm Bay 3

Before I left Margate, I had just enough time for a whistle-stop sightseeing tour. I hope to come back soon!

Palm Bay 4Palm Bay 5.jpg

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