The Heroes Football series just keeps growing – we’re up to 18 titles now! Here’s the lowdown on the fresh new books.

New Books

Ultimate Football Heroes – New Books

Neymar and Coutinho have been friends for years. They play together in attack for Brazil and now they can sit side-by-side on your bookshelf! Read the amazing stories of their rise to the top.

Ultimate Football Heroes – New Covers

Sterling, Sanchez, Hazard, Agüero and Zlatan – what a five-a-side team that would be! All 5 books are now available with the cool new covers.

Classic Football Heroes

Zidane and Carragher – two very different players but they’re both football legends. Read all about Zidane’s skill and vision, and Carragher’s spirit and tackling. Trust me, these books are full of great stories!

One thought on “NEW BOOKS – OCTOBER 2017

  1. Just wanted you to know that my 12 year olds reluctant reader is loving these books! I have to turn the light out on him so he will sleep, which is unheard of! So well done. He has always prefered non fiction books so these are a great segue into the genre of biography, still factual but with more of a storyline about people he admires, brilliant series & concept well done!


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