‘Philippe took a deep breath, shut his eyes and listened to the Anfield roar. The Liverpool stadium had the best atmosphere in the whole world.’

Follow the Brazilian football wonder on his stunning path from the backyards of Rio de Janeiro to the bright lights of Milan and the historic city of Liverpool. This is a truly inspiring story of a playmaker that constantly pushes his team towards success, with his fast pace, silky skills and incredible agility as Liverpool’s Number 10.

Read all about:

  • Coutinho’s childhood in Rio de Janeiro
  • Coutinho’s rise at local club Vasco da Gama
  • Coutinho’s friendship with Neymar
  • Coutinho’s difficult move to Inter Milan
  • Coutinho’s loan spell at Espanyol
  • Countinho’s star role at Liverpool
  • Coutinho’s amazing return to the Brazil team

What readers have said

“The Brazilian is a brilliant player and he’s gone from being poor in Brazil to being rich in Barcelona. It’s a big step-up for him and it’s hard for Liverpool to replace Coutinho. Supreme book by Matt and Tom Oldfield. Brilliant again – I’ve got the full collection!”


“From his trail at Vasco De Gama (Chapter 5), and throughout the book, you learn allot about the player that you did not know prior to his arrival in the UK at Liverpool. A great read of a book, really enjoyed, this authors wirting style. Well worth a read.”

Ming Wei, goodreads

“It was a very good book. I love these books and this was one of the best. Who else noticed that Liverpool wasn’t mentioned in the Coutinio Honours section? 🙂 🙂 🙂 ;)”


“Coutinho is epic! Good backstory.”

Amazon Customer

“Another hit! Grandson loves these books.”

Mrs Moira Ruth

“Bought for 11-year-old son and he loved it.”


“My son loves Coutinho so he loved this book. He read it in 1 day.”

Mrs D.

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