This is the story of how the young Belgian rose through the ranks, worked hard despite the difficulties he faced along the way, and showed courage and determination to prove his skill in the world’s toughest league. His versatility, technique and goal-scoring ability to have allowed him to become a midfielder like no other this season.

Read all about:

  • Kevin’s first steps in Belgian football
  • Kevin’s favourite childhood club
  • Kevin’s difficult days at Chelsea
  • Kevin’s amazing assists in Germany
  • Kevin’s big return to the Premier League
  • Kevin’s midfield magic at Manchester City
  • Kevin’s road to the 2018 World Cup

What readers have said

“Perfect for any young football fan! These books never ever disappoint! My son was keen to get his hands on this title and enjoyed reciting facts about De Bruyne’s career and the clubs that he played for / transferred to.”

Emma Hughes

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