‘Liverpool Champions of Europe. Stevie was on top of the world.’
Gerrard tells of how a young boy from Merseyside would go on to captain his club for over a decade, inspiring their legendary Champions League and FA Cup wins along the way. This is the story of Steven Gerrard, Liverpool’s greatest ever player.

Read all about:

  • Stevie’s childhood in Huyton, Liverpool
  • Stevie’s dream to play for his local team
  • Stevie’s journey from subsitute to captain
  • Stevie’s ups and downs with England
  • Stevie’s greatest Champions League night
  • Stevie’s best moments with Torres & Suarez
  • Stevie’s emotional Anfield farewell

What readers have said

“Great book for football fans and Steven Gerrard fans. Also good for reading practice, the story of Gerrard’s time with the football club.”

Natalia Mazepa

“This is the fourth I’ve read in this series and you really feel like you know the player and you go through everything together. Every season, every goal, every thing that happens you felt like you were there and experiencing it.”

Brendan Horton

“Five stars. Great books to get boys reading.”

[email protected]

“I’ve really enjoyed reading this great book. I learned some things about Steven that I didn’t know before. Well done, Matt and Tom!”


“Little boys love these books.”

Shiela Lewis

“A must for a young Liverpool fan!”


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