‘Eden slid on his knees towards the fans with his arms out wide. He was the hero again – there was just no stopping him now.’
The thrilling tale of how the wing wizard went from local wonder kid to league champion. With the support of his football-obsessed family, Eden Hazard worked hard to develop his amazing dribbling skills and earn his dream transfer to Chelsea.

Read all about:

  • Eden’s football-mad childhood in Belgium
  • Eden’s early move to France
  • Eden’s determination to become a star
  • Eden’s title success at Lille
  • Eden’s adventures at World Cup 2014
  • Eden’s big transfer to Chelsea
  • Eden’s hard work under Jose Mourinho
  • Eden’s Premier League-winning season

What readers have said

“My – Belgian-Scots – grandson who rarely reads whole books, read this one in one go and ever since watches all the games ‘Eden’ and/or his brother Thorgan are playing in. The best present I ever got him! For Xmas other players in this series…”

Helene P

“Bought for a Christmas stocking filler for my son as he is a mad Chelsea fan and loves Hazard. Great books for kids especially if they don’t like reading much or if they struggle as their favourite players book will easily get them into enjoy reading. Would recommend.”

Nicola Eastley

“Amazing book. Would recommend to anyone who likes Eden Hazard. It tells a lot of history about Hazard’s life.”

Barry Elston

“Awesome read! What a book to read about one of the best players in the world and Chelsea’s star man. Great, would read again.”

Kindle Customer

“Awesome read. What a book to read about one of the best players in the world and Chelsea’s star man. Great, would read again.”

Kindle Customer

“Great book. I like the style of writing the book from the players perspective and enjoyed reading it. I like how it ends abruptly.”

Brendan Horton

“Eden is a great footballer. Learn about his life from a young kid to a pro, see him grow from a street footballer to the 2015 Player of the Year. Great read. READ IT!!!!!!”

Lucy Stainer

“My son thinks these series of books are the best ever.”

Mrs E

“This is a great book for anyone – children to adults to grandparents. It has everything about Hazard! I recommend this book for anyone that enjoys sports.”


“Bought for grandson who will love it in his Christmas stocking.”

Barbara Coates

“What a cool book about soccer! Have you ever wondered how it is to be a famous pro soccer player? Well, this is the perfect book for you, or for anyone into sports. This book will put in the shoes of Eden Hazard. I will tell you why this book is great.

First of all, i need to give you a summary of this book. This book is about how hazard went from neighborhood soccer star to the cup and league winning Eden Hazard. This book talks about how hazard has developed his skills to earn his dream transfer to Chelsea. This book also includes the troubles he went through and loving family moments. In this book, you follow Eden hazard through his wonderful journey.

A quote I would like to explain is “Penalties are fun! It’s a one on one battle and you just have to hold your nerve. If you do, you’ll score every time” Eden Hazard. This quote explains a penalty and points out that it is can be fun but there is a lot of pressure. This quote is significant because it tells you what to do in a penalty and describes it. It also tells you why it is fun. This is a reason why this book is fun and interesting and you could learn from it.

To conclude this review, I will remind you of this great book that follows the great Eden hazard’s life with lots of emotional moments. You would definitely enjoy this book no matter what.”


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