‘The Barcelona fans were already standing. They had seen the things that Lionel could do with the ball at his feet.’

Lionel Messi is a legend Barcelona’s star player and the world’s best footballer. But when was young, he was so small that his friends called him Little Leo and coaches worried he wasn’t big enough. Yet through bravery, talent and hard work, he proved them wrong. Messi tells the magical story of how the tiniest boy in South America grew up to become the greatest player on earth.

Read all about:

  • Messi’s childhood in Rosario, Argentina
  • Messi’s growing problems as a child
  • Messi’s big move to Barcelona
  • Messi’s days at Barca’s La Masia Academy
  • Messi’s rise to become Barcelona’s star
  • Messi’s many, many goals & trophies
  • Messi’s partnership with Suarez & Neymar

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What readers have said

“Bought this for my 11-year-old grand-daughter as she really likes football, but not much of a reader. To be honest her dad read it to her, he said it was good to read about where it all started for Messi.”


“My grandson loved it. I bought 4 of this series for my footie mad grandson. I had a look and thought these have been written with the average 10-12 year old boy in mind. Written as a story of the ‘hero’s life.”


“Fascinating. What an interesting man. (Don’t read the Rooney straight after, or you’ll realise Rooney has no character or interesting elements to him at all). My son loved it and my wife listened to me reading it to him.”

Beartown Boy

“My lad loves this!!!! Brilliant purchase.”


“This arrived quickly as a little present for my 6-year-old grandson. He read it very quickly and loves it. He now has two more and is anxious to collect them all.”


“A good way to get young boys to read.”

Denise Saville

“Fab books!”

R. Bell

“The best book ever!”

Amazon Customer

“Great book. Son loves it, really good at encouraging them to read.”

Amazon Customer

“My boys (5 & 7) love these books…..”