Project Description

Brinsworth Manor Junior School, Rotherham

When I arrange school visits, I always send through the outlines for a range of different workshops. Most of the time, one is deemed to be suitable and that’s that, but it’s always nice to get some valuable teacher input.

Before my trip to Brinsworth Manor, I sent through the outline for Messi vs Ronaldo, a persuasive writing workshop about the best footballers in the world. The teacher liked the idea but quite rightly asked for different sports, and both male and female examples. In the end, we picked 10 – can you name them all?

Sporting Heroes 1-5Sporting Heroes 6-10

The kids really embraced the options. Messi and Ronaldo were, of course, popular choices but so were Jessica Ennis-Hill (especially in Yorkshire!), Lewis Hamilton and Simone Biles.

Once they were all organised into small groups, I gave them some ideas about persuasive language (comparatives, superlatives, sentence starters) and persuasive structures (Point, Evidence, Explanation). After that, I left them to it!

Each group got the opportunity to present their case and also argue against other sporting heroes. I was really delighted with the results!


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