The Heroes Football series just keeps growing – we’re up to 18 titles now! Here’s the lowdown on the fresh new books. Ultimate Football Heroes – New Books Neymar and Coutinho have been friends for years. They play together in attack for Brazil and now they can sit side-by-side on your bookshelf! Read the amazing stories of their rise to the top. Ultimate Football Heroes … Continue reading NEW BOOKS – OCTOBER 2017

Pipworth Community Primary School, Sheffield

Apologies for the silence – it’s been a busy start to the school year! I don’t have any photos to share but a big shout-out to Fairburn View Primary (Castleford), St Andrew’s CE Primary (Accrington), Gillingstool Primary (Bristol), Silkmore Primary (Stafford) and St Edward’s Primary (Kettering). Fun times! I do, however, have photos to share from my visit to Pipworth Community Primary School in Sheffield. Tuesday 3rd October I … Continue reading Pipworth Community Primary School, Sheffield

Tom’s Top 5 Football Heroes

When I asked Tom to pick his football heroes, I felt pretty confident about who he’d pick. I shouldn’t have been. I got his classic players right, but I was totally wrong about all 3 of his current choices. I guess I don’t know my brother as well as I thought! Over to Tom: ULTIMATE FOOTBALL HEROES Marcus Rashford – Manchester United As one of … Continue reading Tom’s Top 5 Football Heroes

Matt’s Top 5 Football Heroes

Writing this list reminded me of the long childhood car journeys where Tom and I would discuss our fantasy line-ups. Time flies when you’re having fun! But as fun as it is, it’s also really difficult. I could have picked 50 but instead I’ve picked 5. Well, 10 actually… ULTIMATE FOOTBALL HEROES 1. Gareth Bale – Real Madrid Here are 5 of the many reasons … Continue reading Matt’s Top 5 Football Heroes