‘It’s time to shine,’ Paul said to himself as he walked out of the tunnel and onto to the Old Trafford pitch.
Pogba tells the exciting story of how French wonder-kid Paul Pogba became Europe’s best young player, and finally fulfilled his dream of returning to his boyhood club Manchester United in a world-record transfer. The sky is the limit for United’s new star.

Read all about:

  • Paul’s childhood in Renardière
  • Paul’s fun with his Pogfamily
  • Paul’s move from France to England
  • Paul’s first spell at Manchester United
  • Paul’s time in Italy at Juventus
  • Paul’s famous ‘Dab’ celebration
  • Paul’s amazing Euro 2016
  • Paul’s amazing return to Manchester United

What readers have said

“After two years of refusing to read anything, my 10 year old son literally lapped up this book… and then the rest of the series. I am so grateful to Matt and Tom Oldfield for writing something that has brought my son back into reading with such enthusiasm. They are also such well-written books, unlike some of the other books for this age group that are out there. I am hoping that there will be new books added to the series – we’d love to see one about Marcus Rashford or Jesse Lingard!”


“My 9 year old has been reading these books and he loves them. He is a football fanatic and wanted to read about his favourite players but he is to young to read the autobiographies, so these books are brilliant as they are aimed at the younger football fans.”

Kayleigh C.

“Awesome and inspiring. An absolutely amazing book on the life and journey of the player we know as Pogba. Great, just really great.”

Mr C Shaw

“I really loved this book because I love football and Manchester United. Some of it was quite hard and I had to get my mum to help with the French words.”

LukeJoe, aged 7, Toppsta

“It was amazing, best read ever. I managed to finish the book within 1 month. Fully recommend it, it was my all-time fav.”

Amazon Customer

“I’m a United fan so this book is about one of my heroes. It is a really good read for a reader of any ability. I would recommend it for someone who is football mad, but if you know who Paul Pogba is then you’ll be fine. A fantastic read! COME ON UUUUUNNNNNNIIIIIIIITTTTEEEDDD!!!!!!!”


“Its a definitely a Pogboom. It’s epic and everyday. I would search up this book, it’s worth it. It is as good as Pogba himself.”


“It was an awesome book. I love his brothers and France…it was superb, exquisite, extraordinary.”


“Amazing book. If you love football, you’ll love this. Very well written, definitely worth a read. The story is very interesting and I think a lot of people will love this book.”

Alison Cook

“My son loves all these books!”

Anne Tinsley

“Just brilliant.”

Mark Y.

“My 7 year old loved this book! More books ordered.”

Amazon Customer

“Mylo 7 year loved this book and found it pretty easy to read.”

Amazon Customer

“Perfect for my grandson who’s football crazy.”

Liz Lepere

“Absolutely an outstanding book. I would love to read this again because it is really good to look at.”


“So interesting – Paul Pogba’s life story in a book and it is a very good book.”

Sharonjit G

“Enthralling story for a 6-year-old.”

J M Moyes

“Five stars – very good.”

Allan John Evans

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