‘As he walked up to take his spot-kick, Cristiano knew that Real would win the trophy if he scored. He had the chance to be the hero yet again.’

Escaping the hot streets of Madeira, Cristiano Ronaldo first proved himself as a wonder-kid at Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson, before becoming a legend for Real Madrid and Portugal. Ronaldo is the story of how the gifted boy became a man, a team-player and a legend.

Read all about:

  • Ronaldo’s childhood in Madeira, Portugal
  • Ronaldo’s early days at Sporting Lisbon
  • Ronaldo’s move to Manchester United
  • Ronaldo’s rise to become Man Utd’s star
  • Ronaldo’s move to Real Madrid
  • Ronaldo’s many, many goals and trophies
  • Ronaldo’s Euro 2016 triumph with Portugal

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What readers have said

“My 8yr old son loved this book. Easy for a kid to read & understand.”


“Five stars – Great for kids.”


“Enthralling story for a 6-year-old.”

J M Moyes

“I don’t like Ronaldo (Go Messi) but I like this book.”


“Five Stars. Kids love it.”

K. A. C. James

“Christmas present for my Grandson, but I’m sure he’ll be pleased.”

Pat Beveridge