Follow the Uruguayan’s winding path from love-struck youngster to Liverpool hero to Barcelona star. Grabbing goals and headlines along the way, Luis chased his dreams and became a Champions League winner. This is the inspiring story of how the world’s deadliest striker made his mark.

Read all about:

  • Luis’ childhood in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Luis’ big decision to focus on his football
  • Luis’ move to Holland
  • Luis’ brilliant spell at Ajax
  • Luis’ transfer to Liverpool
  • Luis’ quest for the Premier League title
  • Luis’ ups and downs for Uruguay
  • Luis’ instant success at¬†Barcelona

What readers have said

“Great to read how Suarez grew up and bounced back from all his problems to be one of the best strikers in the world.”

Brendan Horton

“Fantastic. My 9 year old now loves reading and his levels have improved. Interesting books. Well written.”

Meinir J

“I loved the book because I knew what was going on. It was really interesting. I wanted to know more about Luis Suarez and now I do.”


“Reading this as a fourteen year old boy who loves football, I found it awesome to learn more about the fantastic career of one of the best strikers in history.”

Harry W

“Great read. It was a very inspiring book – I recommend this to everyone who’s into football and looking for inspiration.”

Claire Richardson

“My son didn’t read books now I have the whole series. He loves these books!”

Mrs E

“Excellent book! My grandson will soon have the set.”

Graham L

“Good book. Bought this book for my grandson. Well pleased, fast delivery.”


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