Read all about:

  • Kieran’s early years as ‘The Bury Beckham’
  • Kieran’s Youth Cup win with Manchester City
  • Kieran’s move from right-wing to right-back
  • Kieran’s highs and lows at Burnley
  • Kieran’s rise to the top at Tottenham
  • Kieran’s competition with Kyle Walker
  • Kieran’s amazing 2018 World Cup adventure

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What readers have said

“Kieran Trippier, England’s best free-kick taker, has performed really well at the World Cup. This book is about Kieran Trippier, from who his teammates are to what types of goals he scores. This is a sensational book and I think this book is worth the time and money. It first tells you about the player now to the time from which they were young. Overall I think this is a book which you should read.”

Susan Monteiro