‘With the TV cameras watching, Zlatan roared like a lion. It was his tenth league title in only twelve years but he never got tired of winning.’
Zlatan follows the Swedish superstar on his amazing journey from the tough streets of Malmö to becoming the deadly striker at Manchester United. Along the way he has been a star for Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, and Paris Saint-Germain, as well as becoming Sweden’s all-time leading scorer. This is the story of one of a generation’s finest footballers.

Read all about:

  • Zlatan’s childhood in Rosengard, Sweden
  • Zlatan’s amazing street football skills
  • Zlatan’s move to Ajax, Holland
  • Zlatan’s brilliant years in Italy
  • Zlatan’s great goals for Sweden vs England
  • Zlatan’s ups and downs at Barcelona
  • Zlatan’s winning times with PSG
  • Zlatan’s big transfer to Manchester United

What readers have said

“Great for children who love football but not reading! I bought this and another in the series for my reluctant boy readers in my class. They absolutely love them! It’s great to see them reading and enjoying it. They’re Year 6 (so age 10-11) but think they would be suitable for younger ages too.”

Amazon Customer

“Even as an Arsenal fan I loved this book of Zlatan. It felt like you were embracing every moment, good and bad, with him. I couldn’t take my eyes off of the pages and I fully recommend it to any football fan.”

T R.

“AMAZING – Zlatan Ibrahimovic is definitely the world’s best striker and reading how he came from just a kid in Rosengård to an unforgettable legend and the best striker to grace football was brilliant.”

Brendan Horton

“Five stars. My grandson is 9 and loved it.”

June Appleton

“Legend. Great read for the kids.”


“Great! My 9 year old son loved it.”


“Five Stars. My grandson is 9 and loved it.”

June Appleton

“Great, my grandson will love this!”

Valerie Christie

“Everybody in the family loved it, even Grandma and Grandpa. Everybody loves an Ibra kick and we can’t stop doing them. They are great.”

Lucy Stainer

“I think this is a great book for all children, even the ones that play rugby. Amazing book!!! Please buy.”


“Ibrahimovic is the man. He’s good, it’s a good interesting life how he controlled his temper. It’s the best one yet apart from Pogba. It was fun and different to people in Manchester.”

Kindle Customer

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