‘And then came the moment Gareth had been waiting for. He’d imagined it so many times. The President of Real Madrid held up the famous white shirt with his name on the back.’
The Boy Who Became a Galactico tracks the Welsh wizard’s impressive rise from talented schoolboy to Real Madrid star. This is the inspiring story of how Bale beat the odds and became the most expensive player in football history.

Read all about:

  • Gareth’s childhood in Cardiff, Wales
  • Gareth’s growing pains as a teenager
  • Gareth’s Saints days with Theo Walcott
  • Gareth’s dream start at Southampton
  • Gareth’s move from left back to left winger
  • Gareth’s determination to become a star
  • Gareth’s great performances for Tottenham
  • Gareth’s dream move to Real Madrid

What readers have said

“Fantastic. My 9yr old son’s reading age has gone up from 8 to 12. Interesting and well written.”

Meinir J.

“In Gareth’s story, the authors show his progression from a small skinny boy to a more bulked-out player, with nods to extensive training, the difficulties of loyalty when a player moves from one club to another, coping with the frustrations of injury, and lots of detail about specific football matches. The statistics and games are accurate – the authors have acknowledged their research at the back of the book. Even for non-football fans, it’s a good read from start to finish with a clear biographical progression (the structure is tight) and simple language.”

Clare, Minervareads.com

“Awesome book. It’s totally inspired by football-mad 6.5 year old to get into his reading and it’s half-way interesting for me to read with him which makes a change from the previous kids books we would read together. I would highly recommend this book series.”

Mr Burns

“My 10 year old isn’t a keen reader but is a mad footballer. In order to move on from books with drawings (wimpy kids, Tom Gate) I got him the Messi book in this series which was great and very interesting (we read them together). Then he chose Gareth Bale and I am so impressed! It feels like this book was written for him, all the good messages in life and on the pitch we are trying to make him understand are there!! I highly recommend it and thanks the authors!! :-)”

Mle Ludivine Laurent

“The Welsh wizard has arrived in football. Gareth Bale is a talented player as it tells you in this biography. It is an interesting life to read about because it catalogues important events which lead to him being one of the greatest footballers of the time. It explains how his fitness problems appeared and how he dealt with it. A fantastic read and highly recommended for football dreamers.”

Written by a football fan aged 9

“Loved it – an amazing book. It’s insane to see how footballers that are not necessarily on the team you support go from a normal kid with a dream to a superstar.”

Amazon Customer

“7 year old who does not enjoy reading is thoroughly liking this He does find it a bit tricky in places and prefers us to read parts to him. However it has got him interested in a book so on that basis I would recommend it for young football mad boys.”

Sonya Shops

“My son was a reluctant reader but after reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid he decided he enjoys reading before bed. He is football mad. He is enjoying reading about Gareth Bale. He loves this book and asked what other books are in the collection. He already got the book of Neymar and Messi. He asked for the Rooney book. The book is not too long. Recommended for football mad kids!!!”


“My son picked this for reading on the plane whilst going on holiday. Loved it and was full of facts about Bale that even I didn’t know.”

Scott Sweeney

“Bale is one of my favourite footballers and I found it really interesting to read how he came from a little boy to one of the best in the world. The books are really well written.”

Brendan Horton

“Perfect for my 8 yr old.”

Suzy Fisher

“This Gareth bale autobiography is definitely recommend for children that are the age of 7 -11 and maybe younger too.”

Mr J F O’Brien

“Bought it for my football mad son of 9. He loved it . Will be buying more.”

J. Morris

“9 yr old son is loving reading this.”


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