Jurgen Klinsmann: deadly goal-poacher, Tottenham Hotspur hero, world champion. After helping to beat England in the 1990 World Cup, the German striker came to play for Tottenham Hotspur – but it took a long time for Spurs fans to grow to love him. Yet with his competitive spirit, humour and his amazing talent for conjuring a goal from thin air, he quickly became a North London legend. This is his exciting story.

Read all about:

  • Jurgen’s childhood in Germany
  • Jurgen’s rise up the ranks in Stuttgart
  • Jurgen’s consistent scoring in the Bundesliga
  • Jurgen’s great start with Germany
  • Jurgen’s World Cup success in 1990
  • Jurgen’s European travels to France & Italy
  • Jurgen’s top times at Tottenham

What readers have said

“My grandsons love this series.”

Mr Brian Wilde

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